SOSb Relief Fund

Small businesses are vital to our economy and to the quality of life in our communities. As COVID-19 precautions continue to roll-out, many of them are now forced to close their doors.

CVP wants to help.

Like all of you, we are worried for our local delis & lunch stops, bookstores, gyms, and other mom-and-pop stores we rely on every day.

While our state and local governments work out the big solutions, we want to help NOW. With a combination of corporate and employee donations, we will begin immediately to provide grants to some local businesses to help them in this tumultuous time. Our hope is to help small businesses get the cash needed to help with loan interest payments, or other expenses not being waived or deferred until life returns to normal.

We know from experience our employees and their social and business networks care and are committed to giving back to the community. Let’s build a Relief Fund that can help give back to small businesses in the locations where CVP does business. CVP will start the Relief Fund with an initial donation of $50,000.

We appeal to each of you to use the "Donate now” button on this page to donate whatever you can to help us build the CVP Relief Fund. We recognize this is a difficult time for people to feel generous, however, this is a national emergency, so let’s all dig a little deep. Please note your donation is not intended to qualify for a Federal income tax deduction.

Together, let’s see how far we can take this!

Chief Executive Officer, CVP

SOSb Relief Fund
Latest Stats:
108 Donors
12 Businesses Funded

Are you a Small Business that needs help meeting your monthly bills?

We are currently funding Small Businesses in the DC-MD-VA, Lakewood, CO and Kansas City, MO areas that have had their operations disrupted due to COVID-19.